Friday, September 04, 2009

A Very Random Post

I think bullet points will suit this post best:
  • Full hobby immersion is complete! I am working on 4 quilt tops at the same time. One is from the fabric I posted a picture of earlier this week. The other 3 tops are from the Tracey Porter fabric I've hoarded for 3 years. I just kept cutting, cutting, cutting. =)
  • I found these "blinkies" in my Sewing Photobucket album.

Yah, think so?!?!

Trying to kick this habit, but it's HARD. Love.The.Stuff.

Do we see a pattern developing here?!?!
  • Speaking of sewing machines, this is mine and I really love it. It's a Janome 6500P. The end of September, we will have been together 3 years. It's been a good relationship. =)

  • This summer I discovered the blog, Oh Fransson!, and the Mod Sampler Block Quilt-Along. It had me at hello. =) I started piecing the blocks, wondering if I made a mistake using batiks but finished, absolutely head over heals in love. It's kind of ugly fabric when it's on the bolt but cut it up ... swoon!!!

I still need to decide what color solid to use as sashing. Any suggestions?

Be safe this Labor Day weekend!




Sarah Faith said...

It's easy to give up diet coke. Just don't buy it. Then you won't have it. :-D

Erin said...

I wish it was that easy ... the corner gas station has fountain drinks so cheap. I have no self-control. I love, love the fizzy!!

Sarah Faith said...

Um, pay at the pump? lol


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