Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Story of a Mama with Three Boys

There once was a Mama who had three boys. They were great little boys and she loved them so very much. Well one day the Mama found out she was having another baby and so was so happy! She was kind of tired and kind of sick but the baby was healthy and growing, so all was well. Finally the day came, not for the birth, but for the BIG ULTRASOUND. =) Both the Mama and the Papa waited in anticipation to find out........................................... it was a GIRL. Everyone in the Mama and Papa's family were called and told the news. They all rejoiced together, but especially one particular Aunt and that Aunt would be ME. =)

What is a good Aunt-to-be supposed to do but MAKE A QUILT. I consulted with my sister on what kind of quilt she would like for her daughter. She said "modern, earthy, and feminine." Off I went to my favorite quilt shop in Lancaster because no other place would do and I came home with these:

And those became this:



The colors in the closeup picture are the truest. I hope to write out a pattern for this quilt and post it in the coming weeks. It will be free and you'll find the link in my sidebar. =)




Tammy said...

How pretty!!!

izzy inspired said...

your story just makes me smile, mainly because I too had the same story 2 years ago. The only difference is that I was the mom of three sons expecting her first girl, and my sister played your role!! I thought she was more excited at my having a daughter than i was, and because she doesn't sew, she started shopping. By the time my daughter was born, her closet was completely stocked!! Congrats on your new niece...the quilt is coming along beautifully!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, its so pretty. You're sweet. I liked the story.

Sar Bar


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