Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Peak into my Sewing Area

Mr. K and I share one of the upstairs bedrooms. Half is my sewing room and the other half is the computer room. Here's a peak into my half:

You can't see much of the fabric stash, so let's get a little closer:

Come on, Erin! You cropped off 5 of the 9 cubes. Please show us what's inside. Details please!
(I'm sorry the numbers don't line up very well with the cubes, but you get the idea. =))

  1. Fat Quarter Cube
  2. Asian & Modern prints (l) / Batiks (r)
  3. Bottomweights for bag making
  4. Joann Fabrics collections (not sure how those polka dot prints got in there ???)
  5. Moda prints (1) / 30th Birthday fabrics (r)
  6. Children prints
  7. Collections from Zook's (1) / Collections from Hobby Lobby (r)
  8. Christmas prints/collections
  9. Polka dots (l) / Kona solids (r)
Thanks for looking. =)



PS - Click on the pictures to see BIGGER views.


Tammy said...

You have a lot of fabric! And it is all organized so well!

I see that ripple... :-)

Dolly said...

Oh, I could just live in this room !


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