Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabric is Therapy

I've been a bit anxious lately and my emotions have been like riding the Magnum at Cedar Point. Abigail, my constant company for 5 years, is starting kindergarten on September 1st. Full day. Every day. Yeah. Then we have this house remodeling project that continues to cause us a good deal of angst. We planned on it taking 3-4 months. We just entered month nine. Yeah. So, I decided that I needed a bit of therapy on Thursday afternoon and decided to refold my fabric stash. =)

I've been eyeing Ikea's Expedit bookshelves for some time. Several friends have them for organizing their fabric and yarn stashes. Target has something similar and I grabbed one when I saw it on sale for $39.99:
My entire fabric stash has to be refolded to fit into each "cube." I'm folding my fabric in 1/2 the width of the fabric and in 1/2 again so that it's a skinny rectangle. Then I'm folding it 1/2 so that the raw cut ends meet and I have a nice fold in the front. Two stacks of fabric fit just nicely in each cube. It's working out very well and looks very tidy. I'm a quilter so 99% of my fabric is 44/45" wide. I only buy fabric in 1/2 yard increments so it's easier for me to fold everything to match. Yes, I am very anal and OCD in regards to organizing. After a couple hours of work, I'd folded and smoothed my way to a happier and worry-free Erin. At least for the day. ;-)



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