Monday, August 31, 2009

Joann, you take my breathe away ...

by your absolute incompetency and complete lack of service with a smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are talking Joann Fabrics and Craft here. Seriously! How is it that these people even get hired?????? There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with management to allow such people to be on staff.

I went in to buy batting, as it is 40% off. I wanted Warm & White and I also thought I'd try some Warm Blend. The Warm & White had the price SKU on it, but the Warm Blend did not. The clerk wanted to charge me THE SAME THING even though they were obviously different products. She did not WANT TO LOOK UP THE RIGHT PRICE. And then to top it off, she folded the batting into the messiest lump you ever saw.

I can't say I'll never shop at Joann's because I really like the big holiday sales when batting, notions, etc. are 50% off ... BUT, I will never set foot in THAT particular Joann's EVER again. Never.




Chelsea Gifford said...

I used to work at JoAnn for years. I found the people who never sewed were the worst. They don't know what seam rippers are, why the size of a button matters, or the different feel of pure cotton or a cotton blend.
I had already been sewing half my life when I got hired, and I'm sure people could tell the difference.

Erin said...

I've asked the cutting counter clerks what kind of things they like to sew and they've said "Oh, I don't sew." Duh.


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