Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paint Colors

The main reason I haven't blogged since the beginning of the year is a HUGE house remodeling project. Mr. K and I bought a foreclosed house that needed an unbelievable amount of work. More then we ever imagined!

One of the good things about this crazy house project was the opportunity for me to have fun with paint colors. After close to 30 sample paints, I had the paint colors whittled down to five. That's what the "experts" say is the maximum number of colors to use in a house. No fewer then two and no more then five. Ok, ok ... Abigial's room is pink so that makes it sixe colors. =)

Since I agonized and agonized over paint colors, I thought I'd share with you the ones we used:

Kitchen, Dining Room, Halls, Closets, Upstairs Bedrooms - Tobacco Road
This is an old Duron color that I learned about through the Nesting Place. It is a wonderful, neutral color that isn't at all blaaaaah. Think golden tan that's not too dark and looks great with pretty much any color. I had it mixed into Olympic paint so if you want the "recipe", send me an email.

Living Room - Walnut by Ralph Lauren; mixed into Valspar American Traditons paint
I would never have picked this color off the card, but my friend Kim has her family room painted this color. When Mr. K started cutting in this color he was worried it was too dark, but it grew on him. When he was done with the room he said, "I like this color. It will never show any dirt." Ever the practical man .... love him! It looks great with the white crown molding, white built-in bookshelves, and stone fireplace.

Family Room - Royal Red by Olympic Paints (Biltmore Estate Collection)
This is a color I would not have been brave enough to paint unless I saw it in person first. My friend Sue painted her family room in her old house this color and I loved it. When you were in the room, you never wanted to leave. It was warm and inviting and so perfectly RED.

Utility Room and Hall Bathroom - Lighthouse Shadows by Valspar Paints
I totally did NOT agonize about this color. It's a nice light blue that's not at all babyish. Very fresh and clean - just what I wanted in these two rooms.

Master Bedroom - Svelte Sage by Sherwin Williams mixed into Valspar American Traditions paint
Nesting Place to the rescue again!!! It's a wonderful green that is very neutral. This color swatch bopped it's way around the house before settling in the Master bedroom. =)

If you are in the painting mood, check out these colors on Flickr or pick up paint chips from Lowes.



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Tammy said...

I guess we've broken the color rules because we have seven colors going. But each room makes me feel happy so I'm not going to worry about it! :-)


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