Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feedback Desired!

Vanessa at V and Co. has a nifty tutorial on how to change your blog background. I've always used a "cookie-cutter" blog template and always thought it would be cool to have a "designer" looking blog. But I was scared to try. =( What if I screwed up and ended up deleting EVERYTHING!!!!! Tonight I finally got the guts to try.

Yeah-haw! It worked. Whatcha think?!




Tammy said...

Looks pretty!

Sarah Faith said...

I love it.

amy smart said...

I think your blog background looks great! I LOVE all of your decorating before and after pictures. WOW! I especially love the kitchen (perfect!) and the red family room. But everything else is wonderful too. Really. Your paint choices are beautiful. I love color on the walls, but I'm always so scared to try. Thanks for giving me more courage. I can't wait to check back for more!

Erin said...

Amy, I agonized over every single paint color. It was absolute INSANITY!!!!! If you are intimidated by going bold with color, I highly recommend painting a room or two with Tobacco Road. It's an amazing neutral with some oomph to it. I love my kitchen, too. It just makes me happy. I'm looking forward to warming the whole house up with some window treatments, quilts on the wall, and decorative pillows.


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